iD Nappy Minder

The innovative and high capacity iD Nappy Minder nappy/diaper disposal unit promotes a hygienic, safe and convenient method for the disposal of nappy/diaper waste in a range of away from home environments. The iD Nappy Minder is foot operated for optimal hygiene, with the built in, discreet flap ensuring the disposed waste inside the unit is not visible to the end user. iD Nappy Minder has been built with hygiene and service in mind; a removable, hygienic chute protects the inside of the unit in order to minimise the build up of waste so the iD Nappy Minder can be easily cleaned and maintained. For odour control there is the iD Naturals product, this product has been developed to provide an immediate fragrancing action which creates a pleasant aroma in the unit and surrounding washroom. By using a natural mineral carrier from sustainable sources the products are completely biodegradable providing no danger to the environment.


  • Foot pedal operated
  • Large capacity storage
  • Removable chute for cleaning
  • iD Naturals prevents unpleasant odour


  • Baby Change Unit
  • Naturals


  • 500 Sachets