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Why Use a Washroom Dosing System

dosing System

Have you ever been to a public restroom and seen a strange white box above your toilet or urinal? These are called automated dosing systems, and are taking the global washroom hygiene industry by storm. An automated dosing system is comprised of two components – the dosing unit and a thin pipe leading from the device to the toilet or urinal. Automatic dosing systems offer a wide range of benefits for any business with washrooms used by patrons, so let’s have a look at why you should be using a dosing system in your washroom…

Fresh Smelling Bathrooms

Eliminating bad smells in a bathroom is a constant battle, and can cause embarrassment for business owners. Musty, foul odours can arise due to poor cleaning techniques. While there are means of ridding your washroom of stink, like installing a fragrance control system, eliminate foul odours at their source with an automated dosing system for your toilets and urinals. The unit dispenses an odour-busting biological formulation three times a day, ensuring that your toilets and urinals remain malodour-free all day long!

Improved Washroom Hygiene

As mentioned above, malodour is caused by bacteria build-up in toilets, urinals and basins. The Fresh ID Dosing System provides both chemical and environmentally friendly biological formulations scientifically designed to break down bacteria growth. Untreated bacteria build-ups are able to spread to other areas of your establishment via human contact with the affected area. Because the washroom is one area that bacteria is most prevalent, prevent its spread with a drip dosing system and ensure your hygienic peace of mind.

Save Money on Hygiene

One of the biggest expenses when keeping your facilities hygienically clean is the constant purchasing of cleaning materials and detergents. Did you know that automated dosing systems can save up to 20% on cleaning detergents? This is possible because of the metered dosing that delivers an exact amount of detergent every time, no less and no more. When detergents are administered by hand, there is no way of knowing just how much is being used.

Increase Staff Productivity

Cleaning toilets and urinals is a messy job – but someone has to do it! With automated dosing systems, you are freeing up your cleaning staff to concentrate on other hygiene matters, instead of them having to spend valuable time on scrubbing toilets and urinals. This increases productivity by removing tasks from cleaning staff duties.

The Fresh ID Dosing System has features that include real time programmability, refill frequency settings, on and off days, low battery indicator and programmable dosing intensity. Each dosing system can be set at different strengths and frequencies to match your hygienic requirements. Get in touch with Fresh ID and we’ll give you a quote on the best automated dosing solutions for your specific requirements.