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The iD Burst intense fragrance can is an innovative addition to the iD Fragrance range. The 750ml can releases a continuous burst of highly concentrated fragrance that can last up to 12 hours. Designed primarily for the hospitality environment the iD Burst is perfect for masking unwanted odours in pubs, bars, or meeting facilities where stale smoke or spillages have occurred, or just for freshening up rooms after being serviced. Available in two distinctive fragrances, whatever the application, the iD Burst will leave a long lasting and lingering impression.


The iD Fragrance Control system offers a number of intelligent features, some of which include real time programmability, refill frequency settings, on and off days, low battery indicator and a function that allows for fragrance intensity programming, by allowing the user up to 3 periods per day for enhanced fragrance delivery to suit location requirements. The iD Fragrance Control dispenser’s smart technology draws minimal power using a pair of alkaline batteries every 2 years and the refill technology delivers four times the amount of neutralizer and fragrance than conventional units with only half the amount of propellant.

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Freshid omniscent


Part of the iD Fragrance Control range, the iD Omniscent unlike conventional aerosol fragrance systems has been designed for use in far larger areas such as hotel foyers and reception areas, conference and convention centres, retail areas and showrooms, airports and many more. The iD Omniscent system works by utilising ceramic cartridge technology instead of an aerosol refill and provides the user with both control of output and intensity of fragrance. The disposable ceramic block is gently heated within the unit and fragrance is dispersed via an internal fan.


Airborne micro-organisms are a common source of respiratory infection and are of particular threat to people with asthma. Some serious infectious diseases can be easily spread by airborne micro-organisms. In nature air purification is produced by the action of high energy discharges in lightening on oxygen, creating O³ within the atmosphere. The air purification service from iD recreates this natural process. The purified air produced destroys harmful micro-organisms with which it comes into contact and breaks down malodour causing compounds neutralizing the unpleasant smells they produce. Because the purified air is a gas it penetrates to even the most inaccessible locations.

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