Chemical Products


H1 Concentrated Water Based G.P. Cleaner

H1 is a general multi-purpose cleaner used for a wide variety of applications, including baths, basins, floors, tiles and walls. H1 has a fresh odour of Forest Glade and automatically dispensed only through FRESH iD dosing equipment at pre-set rates.

H2 Concentrated Water Based Air Freshener

H2 is a unique room deodoriser and conditioner that is used in the industrial and commercial market. The H2 automatically dispenses only through FRESH iD dosing equipment at pre-set dilution rates.

H3 Super Concentrated Window Cleaner

For the cleaning of windows, glass and mirrors. Use as is through a trigger spray. For the best result, spray H3 on to surface and wipe off with a clean cloth. Automatically dispensed through FRESH iD dosing equipment at pre-set dilution rates.

H4 Water Based Toilet Bowl / Urinal Cleaner

For the removal of uric acid and scale build up in toilet bowls and urinals. H4 automatically dispenses through FRESH iD dosing equipment at pre-set dilution rates.