How Fragrance Control Creates Positive Energy

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January 26, 2017
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How Fragrance Control Creates Positive Energy


Did you know that certain smells can influence your moods, memory, and productivity? Using the right scent in the right area plays an important role in creating the right environment. With a fragrance control system, you get to choose a scent that matches your brand image – and your chosen scent could play a big role in how your customers perceive you.

Mood enhancing scents

Floral smells have always been linked to happiness and contentment. Think about it – try and sniff a lovely smelling flower when you’re angry. You’ll turn that frown upside down before you even realise what’s happening! Lavender has been shown to have a soothing effect on nerves, and helps to relieve nervous tension and depression. Jasmine has shown to produce a feeling of confidence, optimism and revitalised energy in those who smell its sweet scent. Rosemary is the perfect pick-me-up smell, and is ideal for areas that host visitors in the early hours of the morning – such as hotel foyers and service stations.

Smells that bring back memories

Smell is the one human sense that has the biggest effect on memory recall. Depending on the smell – and the past experience attached to it – a familiar scent can bring back either positive or negative memories. Utilising scents that invoke happy memories in your area will further improve the mood of your visitors, and could affect the amount of time they spend in your establishment. In the South African context, scents such as African Pride used in our automatic fragrance dispensers could remind your visitors of a holiday they went on once, or a camping trip they took as a child. Positive memories bring positive emotions, which translate into positive interactions.

Scents for better productivity

Filling your area with scents that boost productivity will go a long way to improving the performance of employees, and could even have customers shopping in your store or using your services for longer. Cinnamon smells have been linked to fighting mental fatigue, while improving concentration and focus. Shopping malls often use cinnamon scents to keep customers shopping for longer. Peppermint is an energy booster, invigorating the mind and promotes concentration. Citrus scents like Florida Zest used in our iD Aircare range promote concentration and clarity – leaving a clean, hygienic smell that lingers.
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