Five of the Nastiest Surfaces You Touch Every Day

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December 7, 2016
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Five of the Nastiest Surfaces You Touch Every Day

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If you had a pair of microscope glasses and looked at your kitchen sink, you’d see around 500,000 bacteria having a party in and around it. Imagine how many you’d see at a landfill or a fish processing plant! Grossed out yet? Good! The first step to practising good hygiene is to know where most of the germs like to hang out. With that in mind, we’ve listed five of the nastiest surfaces you touch every day:

Kitchen Taps

If your kitchen faucets are at all modern, they’ll have a little metal aeration screen at their ends. Since bacteria love moist environments, and running water keeps the aeration screen moist, there is a brilliant chance that bacteria are breeding on your kitchen taps as you read this. Tap water is about as sterile as a hobo’s sock, so touching the faucet end with dirty or food-laden fingers will cause bacteria to grow and will render any water coming from the faucet undrinkable (unless you enjoy the odd bout of E. Coli).

Dish Towels

These are some of the most misunderstood kitchen accessories, and we really do put them through a lot! Designed with the sole purpose of drying soapy pots, pans and plates – dish towels get used for so much more. We’ve all done it, spilling some juice from the defrosted chicken punnet on our kitchen counter and grabbing for the nearest dish towel to mop the mess up. If you can’t see the filth it isn’t there, right? Wrong! Bacteria will remain on the surface, AND you’ll have founded a new bacterial colony on your dishtowel.

Car Dashboards

Unless you’re getting to and from work using public transport or a two-wheeled vehicle, chances are you’re spending at least 30 minutes a day in a car. The filthiest places in your car are where food spills have occurred. The second filthiest is your dashboard. When using your car’s fan or air-conditioning, airborne mould spores and bacteria are sucked through the vents and pass through your dashboard where many of them get deposited (the rest get blown onto your face). The dashboard receives the most sun, warming it up and creating the perfect conditions for bacteria growth.

Fridge Doors

Who likes a bit of mould with their dinner? A U.S. survey of 160 homes in three different cities found that fridge door seals tested positive for common moulds 83% of the time! Mould spreads quickly, and can cause serious health issues for inhabitants of the home. As an added danger, mould can spread from your fridge door seal to the food contained within the fridge. Think your fridge door handles are safe? Think again! These are often laden with all sorts of bacteria, as most of us don’t wash our hands before opening and closing the fridge.

Cell Phones

So, what do you think is dirtier – your cell phone or your toilet seat? If you said your toilet seat, you’d be wrong! Cell phones are perfect for breeding bacteria, and many will contain staph (can cause skin infections), pseudomonas (cause eye infections) and salmonella. Cell phones are warm, have small crevices, and become moist when in use – three factors that make bacteria want to pop a bottle of champagne.

A simple solution to ensuring clean and bacteria-free surfaces is to get into the habit of sanitising them with an alcohol-based surface sanitiser, and practice regular hand washing before and after touching surfaces. Don’t let bacteria get the better of your nerves, let Fresh ID’s dream team of green cleaning help you keep your surfaces hygienic and germ-free!