At FRESH iD we have realised that in order to achieve sustainable growth and distinguish ourselves as leaders of the South African hygiene and cleaning services industry, we need to address the way in which our market has traditionally worked, and adopt an environmentally responsible approach. This has required changing key variables in order to create a greener carbon footprint, helping to conserve natural resources.

We are proud to bring to the market sustainable cleaning products which reduce the use of raw materials in manufacture, use energy efficient recycled packaging where possible, diminish waste volumes of used products, and assist in the reduction of carbon emissions by decreasing replacement and replenishment cycles of consumables.

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Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

  • Our paper hand towel carries the eco label certification, a first in South Africa. This means that our paper comes from managed resources that guarantee the continued sustainability of our environment.
  • The use of foam hand soap formulations in conjunction with smart dispensing technology reduces the use of both raw material in the manufacturing process and waste bi-product by up to 60% in relation to conventional systems.
  • Introduction of a real-time programming feature into our air care dispensing system enables this product to dispense fragrance on the same time frequency as traditional systems, but reduces aerosol can waste disposal by 50%.
  • The introduction of the biodegradable TDPA additive into our plastic Wastecare and Femcare liners ensures both faster and total biodegradation of the product once they enter the landfill system.
  • Our all new environmentally friendly Femcare P max sanitary disposal dosing system formulated completely from natural ingredients reduces waste volumes by 30% through its unique chain reaction formulation.
  • Carbon emission reduction can be quantifiably measured through the reduction of consumable replenishment and service delivery cycles that are achieved through the smart technology offered by both our dispensing systems and consumable efficacy.
  • Our iD Non-Woven disposable wipes are made from a biodegradable non-woven Polyester Viscose, ensuring biodegradation once entering a landfill.

Environmentally Friendly Office Practices

We practise what we preach…

  • Our offices are fitted with energy efficient globes and, wherever possible, natural light is used in place of artificial light.
  • Office paper is recycled and, where possible, the use of soft copies is adopted over that of unnecessary document printing.
  • Plastic water bottles have been replaced by a simple water purifier.